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The following are articles from the Oil City Derrick concerning the Chamor Estate or its people.

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The Derrick, May 20, 1957 concerning the sale of the Chamor Estate.


The Derrick, Monday, Feb. 12, 1968 Confirmation of Chamor sale to the Ray A. Feoz family


The Derrick, Thursday, May 20, 1975 stating the sale of Chamor from the Ray A. Feroz family to George W. Shaw


The Derrick, Thursday October 22, 1970.  Story about Gary Feroz, 17 year old son of the Chamor owner, Ray A. Feroz, in an auto accident.

The story at the time was that an intoxicated Gary Feoz was driving, crossed over the road's center line and ran into the cars owned by David Ziegler and Dewy Stewart. 

David Ziegler was thrown from his car and sustained a broken neck and killed . 

Then because of the influence of his parents, nothing happened to Gary Feroz concerning the death of David Ziegler.

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