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By: William L. Passauer

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All images on this page are by William L. Passauer

Chamor Lane entrance

Have you ever driven by this attention-grabbing entrance in Seneca, PA and wondered what it was all about? 

It is located just to the right of the new Cranberry High School entrance. 

Two pillars, one with what looks like a fancy bird house on top.  What is back that road and behind the trees? 

As a child growing up and as a young adult, I also wondered.  And now the secret is uncovered for others wondering the same thing. 

Behind all this is the Chamor estate.  Built in 1929 as the summer home for the Chambers & Morck family.

This property is known as "Chamor" a combination of the two family names (Chambers and Morck). At the time it was built, it was a showplace.


A closer look of the Chamor Estate entrance showing Chamor Lane and the bird house to the right.


A closer look at the Chamor bird house.


A bird's eye view of the Chamor Estate which lies along the corner of Chamor Lane and route 257 in Seneca, PA.


 - The entrance to the Chamor Estate located at the "100" address marker at the lower right corner of the image.

 - The gate to the estate is about three-quarters up Chamor Lane, where the tree line ends. 

 - From the gate there is a paved drive way to the front of the home.  You can see the driveway in the image as a grey road. 

 - The front of the home is actually on the inside of the "horseshoe" shape of the home.  The back of the home faces route 257 and the tree line to the right of the home.
 - The left wing of the home holds a two stall garage, a pantry, kitchen, and dining room down stairs and a bedroom and bath upstairs.

 - The right wing of the home holds three bedrooms and 2-1/2 baths downstairs and a bedroom and bath upstairs.

 - There use to be tennis courts on the estate.  If you were facing the front side of the home, these were positioned off the left side of the home.

 - The remains of the large swimming pool may be seen as the large white rectangle, in the back of the house, near the right tree line.




The Electric Security Fence


In case you're thinking about going out to check out the estate, the entire property is surrounded by this electric fence. 

Does it work?  I don't know, and I wasn't willing to test it out either.




The view from Chamor Lane


This is all you can see of the estate from Chamor Lane through the electric fence, so the view is also hardly worth the trip.




The security gate to the Chamor Estate.




The Paved Driveway


The paved driveway looking from the gate to the home.  You can see portions of left wing of the home to the right of the drive way.