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All images courtesy of Dale Wilson Real Estate

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The back of the Chamor Estate. 


Located at 140 Chamor Lane, Seneca, PA, it was built in 1929, by the Chambers & Morck family. 

The current owner is George E. Shaw who in 2011 was living in a nursing home in Florida.  The home has not been permanently occupied for 35 years as of 2011.


The home specifications are as follows:

Lot size: 44.78 acres

Rooms: 11

Bedrooms: 5

Baths: 6.5

Total Sq Ft: 5,206

Roof: Slate




House rooms, their sizes and locations (M=Main floor or U=Up stairs).

Observe the size of the half bath (3' x 4') and several full baths (6' x 6').

These bath room sizes are very tiny for a home of this size.





 Known Owners Of Chamor



The Chambers/Morck family



Bill Morck (Inherited the estate from his parents)



Ted and Gus Avery (Gus was the sister of Bill Morck and inherited the estate.)



Forrest Koontz (Traded homes with the Averys)



Lloyd Bracken/Hazel family


Michael F. Hazel/Hazel


Ray A. Feroz family



George E. Shaw



Steve and Shana Schake. The purchase price was $340,000.

Known Owners of the Chamor Estate



The front of the Chamor Estate


Showing the circular driveway and the main entrance to the home.  The garage is to the left.




The left wing and front of the home.


The left wing of the home held the two stall garage, a large pantry, the kitchen and dining room. 

From the garage you could walk through a door into the pantry where food was stored. 

There was a door from the pantry leading into the kitchen, then another door leading from the kitchen into the dining room.

The circular drive way can be seen in the bottom of the photo with the front of the home is seen to the right.




Grand Entrance


The home's entrance.  It is located on the front of the home and opens into the living room and out to the circular driveway.




The Living Room


The home's 20' x 34' living room.  Note the fire place and the balcony with it's door above the fireplace and the room's beamed ceiling. 

The living room has two fire places and two balconies, one at each end.  Note the original hardwood floors.  The entrance to the home may be seen in the right side of the image.

The doorway seen in the center of the photo leads to the right wing where the three guest bedrooms and 2-1/2 bathrooms were.






A close-up of one of the two living room fireplaces.






A close-up of one of two living room balconies.  Each led to bedrooms.

Note the balcony doorway and the chandelier.




The 16' x 25' dining room.




The 13' x 14' office.




Another image of the office.






Part of the irregularly shaped 10' x 22' kitchen.




Another image of the kitchen area.




Another image of the kitchen area.




There were two staircases to the home's upper level bedrooms.


There were two upper level bedrooms.  One above each left and right wing.




One of the 6.5 bathrooms.




Another of the 6.5 bath rooms.




One of the five bed rooms.


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