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The following newspaper images are from the Oil City Derrick and were provided by Rob Kuglar and William Passauer.

The date before each article is the date the article was in the paper.  In some cases the entire page is presented in order to give the viewer an idea of the other news of the day and the advertisements.

Please Note:  We are looking for newspaper articles concerning Monarch Park from the Franklin News Herald.  If you have any and are willing to share them, please email me at:  You will get full credit for their use.

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Mar. 22, 1952 Garden

Sept. 22, 1962 Electric Tower

July 24, 1963 Dance Hall

July 25, 1963 Dining Hall (Restaurant)

Inside Restaurant

July 26, 1963 Sunday Scene

July 27, 1963 Bandstand

Jul. 29, 1963 Sliding Board

July 30, 1963 Dance Orchestra

July 25, 1963 Park Attraction

Aug. 02, 1963 Baby Show

Aug. 03, 1963 Children's Area

Aug. 05, 1963 Railroad Rides

Aug. 06, 1963 After the Picnic

Aug. 08, 1963 Thriller

Aug. 09, 1963 Near the Entrance

Aug. 10, 1963 The third and last configuration of the Whilpool ride showing the rocket cars.

Aug. 11, 1963 Interior View of the Dance Hall

Aug. 15, 1963 Whilpool ride

Aug. 19, 1963 Cool & Shady

Aug. 20, 1963 Contrast In Style

Aug. 22, 1963 Where Friends Meet

Aug. 26, 1963 Band Stand

Aug. 27, 1963 Park Band

Aug. 29, 1963 Old Scene

Sept. 24, 1963 Miniture Railroad

Aug. 21, 1963 A picture of the second Merry-go-round building built for the 1915 season. There is a Ferris Wheel also shown in the background.

The second Merry-go-round of the two that were in the park. This Merry-go-round opened in 1915.

Note that the windows, etc. in this building match the windows of previous (Aug. 21, 1963) image.

Oct. 1, 1963 Merry-Go-Round


Oct. 16 Informal Get Together

Oct. 18, 1963

Nov. 05, 1963 Outdoor Picnic

Jan. 18, 1968 A Look Back

Images Postcards and Photos Newpaper Images Advertisments From the Air