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The Carousels of Monarch Park
By: William L. Passauer with first carousel material by Barbara Fahs Charles and an article written by Rol & Jo Summit.


From 2009 until 2012 we knew very little of the two Monarch Park carousels.  Then beginning in January of 2012, thanks to Dave Anderton, President of the Oil City Heritage Society, we began a half year collaboration with Rol and Jo Summit and Barbara Fahs Charles of The National Carousel Associationís (NCA).  The result were two articles published in the association's Summer 2012 addition of the "Merry-Go-Roundup" magazine.  One article by this author, William L. Passauer and another by Rol & Jo Summit.  The half year collaboration with the NCA and the two articles are the basis for this section of the Monarch Park website.  My sincere thanks go to Dave Anderton, Rol & Jo Summit,  Barbara Fahs Charles, and Daniel Robinson, Editor of "The Merry-Go_Roundup".

During Monarch Parkís life, it had two carousels


A Detailed History of the Monarch Park Carousels


 The First Carousel

 The Second Carousel while at Monarch Park

 Locating the Second Carousel

 The found Monarch Park Carousel

 The Carousel's Final Status


Location Images of the Monarch Park Carousels

The First Carousel at Monarch Park (abt. 1901 to 1915)

The Second Carousel at Monarch Park (1915 to 1929)

The Second Carousel while at Walled Lake Park, Detroit Michigan (1929 to abt. 1962)

The Second Carousel while at Edgewater Park, Detroit Michigan (abt. 1962 to 1974)


Monarch Park Carousel Animal Image Collections


Monarch Park Carousel animals from "The Carousel Animal Book"

The Monarch Park Carousel Lion

The Monarch Park Carousel Rabbit

The Monarch Park Carousel Ostrich

The Monarch Park Carousel Cat

The Monarch Park Carousel Draped Angel Horse

The Monarch Park Carousel Warrior Horse

The Monarch Park Carousel Cherub Horse

The Monarch Park Carousel Shield Horse