Miscellaneous Oil City Images

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The following are older images of Oil City, Pa.  Most of the dates when these images were taken are unknown.

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An Early Oil Refinery - Oil City, Pa

Central Ave. School

Eclipse Refinery Fire 1911. The Refinery is between Oil City and Franklin, Pa

Hasson-Ramage Swimming Pool

Looking East, Relief St. Bridge & Industrial Area

Oil City, Pa

Oil City, Pa 1865

Oil City, Pa

Oil City, Pa

Oil City, Pa Rail Road Station

Oil Well Supply Co. 1900

Oil Well Supply Co.

Petroleum St. Bridge

Petroleum Street Suspenion Bridge

Pa RR Round House and Wye Bridge

PA RR Round House

I use to play in the round house on weekends when I was 6-9 years old.

RR Tower & Wye Bridge

Smithman Trolley Bridge in the center, the other two were toll bridges

State Street

Trolley on the State Street Bridge

West 1st Street looking West