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The following newspaper images are from the Oil City Derrick and were provided by Ted Krawiec, Sally Shipwash, Bill Bowen, Angie Ziegler Hall, and William Passauer.

The date before each article is the date the article was in the paper.  In some cases the entire page is presented in order to give the viewer an idea of the other news of the day and the advertisements.

Please Note:  We are looking for newspaper articles concerning Monarch Park from the Franklin News Herald.  If you have any and are willing to share them, please email me at:  You will get full credit for their use.

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The Oil City/Franklin PA trolley system plot map.

Trolley Lines plot map./Angie Ziegler Hall

Trolley Car/Shipwash

Trolley in winter at Monarch Park/Shipwash

Trolley workmen/Shipwash

Trolleys with men in front./Shipwash

Names to the Men standing in front of the trolley cars./Shipwash

Trolley Yard/Shipwash

Oil City, PA. The Smithman Trolley bridge is the center bridge, the other two were toll bridges./Bowen

Oil City, PA. Smithman Trolley Bridge. Connected Central Ave. & Main St./Bowen

Big Rock Bridge, Franklin, PA/Shipwash

The Big Rock Bridge after the collapse showing what is left../Bowen

The February,1926 ice gorge that destroyed the bridge is frequently cited as the reason Monarch Park closed.


The Big Rock Bridge after the collapse floating down the river./Bowen

But Citizens Traction had announced in December, 1925 that the street cars would no longer make the Monarch Park run.


The Reno Bridge/Bowen

Mar. 24 1961, Big Rock Bridge

Aug. 07, 1963 Street Car Station at Monarch Park

Aug. 12, 1963 An Open Street Car for summer use.

Aug. 13, 1963 Big Rock Bridge

Mar. 14 1961, Big Rock Bridge

Aug. 23, 1963 Park Service

Aug. 24, 1963 Summer Car

Street Cars vital to Monarch Park.

Oct. 03 1963 Accident Location

Dec. 05, 1963 Street Car Crews

Big Rock Bridge

Inside Trolley

Trolley Conductors

Trolleys at Monarch Park

Oil City Trolley

Oil City Trolley

On the way to Monarch Park

Trolley on State Street Bridge Oil City, PA

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