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Oil City from South to NorthOil City, PA Sept. 2008/ Bill Pixley.
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My name is William L. Passauer. I was born and raised in Oil City, PA from 1944 thru 1963.  This website is my tribute to Oil City and the wonderful people that live there.
Match the icons to the locations on the map, below, or click a link to go to the pages described.

 The Oil City pages contain new and old images, and the history of my favorite town.
 The Monarch Park pages depict the amusement park that existed from 1896 to 1926 near Oil City.
 The River Ridge Farm website shows our local castle and the home of my wife’s family for a generation.
 The Chamor Estate pages present an interesting house in Seneca.
 The OCHS Class of ’63 website is dedicated to my Oil City High School classmates.

All of the sites are rich in history. If you have any comments, additional images or history to share, please email me at: [email protected]


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