by: William L. Passauer

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This Monarch Park site is dedicated to the memory of Ed Payne of Oil City.  It was his old scrapbook of Monarch Park memorabilia, as saved by his daughter Sally Shipwash, that encouraged the creation of this site.  Special thanks also go out to Rick Martyna and Bill Bowen of Oil City and Bill’s nephew Fred Baer who’s tireless efforts made this site possible. Other significant contributors include Angela Ziegler Hall.


My name is William L. Passauer.  I was born and raised in Oil City, PA near where the historic Monarch Park amusement park was built. While growing up, I often rode my bike to the park area, investigating the ruins and getting plenty wet in the stream.  I can still distinctly remember the odor of the sulphur coming from the spring water.  If you search the internet for anything on Monarch Park, Oil City, PA you will find only little bits and pieces of information — except for this site.  It is my hope that these pages will fill that void.  I am certain that here you will find many images of Monarch Park that you have never seen before and information that has remained unknown until now.  I hope you will enjoy what you see and read here and will pass its site address on to others.  Any site wishing to link to this site may do so without permission.

If you have photos, stories, records or other information you wish to share concerning Monarch Park, please forward this information to: [email protected].  Full credit will be provided to the person submitting any used information.