Thanks to Rick Marytna of Oil City, this page shows you what each original area of Monarch Park looked like, and what the same area looks like today. Rick spent several days at Monarch Park in the Fall of 2009, after the leaves had fallen, in order to obtain the clearest images of the park’s remains. Below, after the image of the sign and where possible, you will see each park area in three (3) views. 1. An original image of the area, 2. What the same area looks like today, and 3. The original building, ride, etc. superimposed on the image of the park today.

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A present day sign showing some of the former attractions of Monarch Park. The sign is located near the lake near where the Merry-go-round and Electric Tower once stood./Marytna

The Carousel and Electric Tower Area

The Merry-go-round (Carousel) and Electric Tower area.

The Merry-go-round (Carousel) and Electric Tower area in 2009./Marytna

The Electric Tower Area

The Electric Tower area.

The Electric Tower area, located to the right side of the pond in 2009. Note the green tree centered in the back of the left image. This marks the spot where the Electric Tower was located. Note also the closer views of the Electric Tower’s foundation stones in the next group of images below./Marytna

The Electric Tower Foundation Area

The Electric Tower area.

Here you can see two of the corner stones which were part of the Electric Tower’s foundation as they were in 2009 looking north to south. To the left of these stones you can see a tree surrounded by a metal structure.
These are the remaining two corner stones looking west to east. All four stones may be viewed by observing the image taken from the air./Marytna


A Mineral Spring Area

One one several Mineral Spring areas.

What remains of this Mineral Spring Area. The spring head is made of cast iron./Marytna

Bandstand and Movie Projector Area

The Bandstand area showing the Bandstand on the right and the Movie Projector Hut on the left.

The Bandstand and Movie Projector area today./Marytna

Auditorium & Rustic Bridge Area

This is the Auditorium/Dance Hall showing the main road with a Rustic Bridge.

The Auditorium/Dance Hall area with a new bridge in the same location as the original Rustic Bridge./Marytna

The Trolley Bridge Area

This is the same red bridge as seen in the two images just above. The Auditorium/Dance Hall would be off to the left. To the right of this bridge lay the remains of the Trolley Bridge that brought riders in front of the Restaurant./Marytna

This image is taken standing on the red bridge looking upstream (You can see a touch of the red bridge in the lower left corner of the image). Directly in the center/middle of the photo is what is left of the trolley bridge support that brought the trolley in front of the Restaurant. See the two images below for the details./Marytna

Looking downstream…the right side support of the trolley bridge that crossed in front of the trolley depot.
The left side of the trolley bridge support just before crossing in front of the trolley depot./Marytna


The Auditorium Area

The Auditorium/Dance Hall area.

The Auditorium/Dance Hall area./Marytna

An Original Tree Identified

Note the little pine tree with the arrows pointed at it. We believe we have found this same tree still alive today, more than 100 years later.

The little pine tree today. The trunk is so large, you cannot put your arms around it. On our next visit to the park, we are going to measure the trunk’s circumference.

Close-ups of the little pine tree. Another reason we believe it to be the same tree is that there is an obvious indication just behind the tree of the Auditorium’s foundation outline.

The Restaurant Foundation Area

The Restaurant Area.

These are the only foundation pillars left to the Restaurant…probably located to the rear of the building./Marytna

The Restaurant Area

The original Restaurant area.

The Restaurant area today./Marytna

The Kitchen Pavilion Area

The Kitchen Pavilion (Picnic) area.

The Kitchen Pavilion (Picnic) area today./Marytna

The Water Fall Area

The Water Falls Area.

The Water Falls Area today./Marytna

One of the Rustic Bridge Areas

One of the Rustic Bridge areas along Two-Mile Run.

One of the Rustic Bridge areas today./Marytna

Waiting For a Ride On the Trolley Areas

A setting area near the Trolley Station seen in the back of this image.

The same setting area today. Note the inserted Trolley Station in the right image./Marytna

Part of the Monarch Park Trolley System

This is part of the trolley system going into Monarch Park. It’s a small stone bridge that crosses a small gully. The electric poles (electric co. purchased right-of-way of old trolley path) are to the left and right of these pictures. The bridge is about 1/2 way between park area and Deep Hollow Rd. on right side when leaving the park. During the summer months this bridge is invisible from the road due to the brush.