Locating the Monarch Park Carousel

Brundred Oil Corporation bought the streetcar station, the structure that housed the carousel, and The Thriller. They used the lumber to build a warehouse in the Union Street area, later purchased by Quaker State. They also built other structures on the company’s oil leases.

According to “The Oil City Derrick” newspaper dated April 12, 1929, the Monarch Park, of Oil City, PA sold their merry-go-round to Fred W. Pearce Co. The merry-go-round was initially delivered to “Walled Lake office – 15324 E. Jefferson, Detroit, Michigan.” Upon researching the Walled Lake website and others about the “Walled Lake Amusement Park” I found no evidence that the park ever had a merry-go-round.

Overall, I spent quite a few days in my investigation searching websites, viewing many images of Walled Lake Park and writing emails to those that may have additional information. I even wrote to the Detroit Michigan Historical Society and the webmaster of the Walled Lake Park website with no positive information of our carousel. I began to believe, that because of the timeframe (1929, and the upcoming long depression), that the carousel many have been broken up and its animals sold to the highest bidders. The bottom line here is that too many years had elapsed between 1929 and 2009 for anyone to trace what happened to our carousel. I had reached a dead-end in my search for our carousel.

This is where the search for our carousel was left until Dave Anderton, President of the Oil City, PA Heritage Society, found the website of the National Carousel Association (NCA) in January of 2012. Through their website, Dave was able to contact Dan Robinson, editor of the association’s magazine, “Merry-Go-Roundup”. What a wonderful breakthrough. Not only have we found what happened to our carousel, but found individuals that had the privilege of riding and photographing our carousel after it left Monarch Park.