The 1896 Derrick Souvenir Book (Pages: 23 – 56)

This book was provided by Sally Shipwash.

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Page 23

Supplementary (Con't), George P. Hukill, Franklin G. Ridgway.

Page 24

Church Pictures.

Page 25

Church Pictures.

Page 26

Thomas B. Simpson

Page 27

Isaiah Stewart Gibson, Peter P. Foller, J. H. Brenot, Dr. E. M. Wolfe, James T. Murphy, John L. Mattox

Page 28

Charles Henry Duncan, Daniel Fisher, John Swallow.

Page 29

George Lewis

Page 30

Frederick W. Hays, William I. Rehr, Smith S. Neill, James N. Lewis.

Page 31

William L. Lay

Page 32


Page 33

John W. Waits, Coal Oil Johnny.

Page 34

Colonel Willis J. Hulings, Warren G. Hunt.

Page 35

B. F. Brundred

Page 36

The First National Bank of Oil City.

Page 37

Henry Irving Beers

Page 38

William James Breene, Captin D. K. James, J. H. Fulmer.

Page 39

Myer Lowentritt, J. E. Robinson, I. N. Hinderliter.

Page 40

George Henry White, Thomas Nolan

Page 41

T. J. Welsh, Charles Haines, George Theodore Nichols.

Page 42

Oakwood Rose Gardens

Page 43

Wesley Chambers

Page 44

A Beautiful Structure, The Griffith Section, The Keating Block, James H. Connor, Patrick H. Shields.

Page 45

David Thompson Borland, Patrick M. Downes, Buchanan H. Carnahan, John R. Steele.

Page 46

Edward S. Laughlin, Peter M. Speer, William Schreuers, Dr. William Forster.

Page 47

The Belles Lettres Club, Edward Nroman Stalker, John E. Wallace.

Page 48

Hon. William Gates, John H. Payne P. M., James B. Berry.

Page 49

Mayor James A. Fawcett

Page 50

Mrs. Katherine Porter, Isiah Thropp, H. H. Herpst, John H. Evans, John Henry Farrell.

Page 51

Andrew Cone, Mary Eliza Thropp Cone, Amrlia Thropp.

Page 52

Michael Geary

Page 53

Ex-Mayor Amos Steffee, Thomas H. Nicholson.

Page 54

Wm. M. McKim, John M. Berry, Thomas Alexander Kane, W. F. Kelly.

Page 55

John P. Heindell, Hon. William Mcnair, Haeley Wilson Fisher, Walter R. Johns.

Page 56

William J. Magee, J. B. Faint, John Fritz.