The 1896 Derrick Souvenir Book (Pages: 65 – 105)

This book was provided by Sally Shipwash.

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Page 65

The Kramer Wagon Company

Page 66

An Old Reliable Firm (Moore & Stevenson Dry Goods)

Page 67

J. W. Sires (Portrait and Landscape Photographer)

Page 68

Roof & Wurster's Pharmacy

Page 69

Joseph Reid (Inventor & Manufacturer of Oil & GAs Engines and Burners), S. V. Seaton & Son (General Store)

Page 70

The Colbert Pharmacy

Page 71

Kern & Company (Wholsale Grocers)

Page 72

West End Bottling Works

Page 73

Harvey Fritz (Jeweler & Optician), Welker & Maxwell

Page 74

W. E. Blaney (5 & 10 cent Store), Dr. Edwin J. Curran

Page 75

J. R. Gates & Sons (Real Estate), O. E. Reynolds (Wall Paper & Paint)

Page 76

Images of A. R. Smart & Abe Silberberg and their dry goods store.

Page 77

A. R. Smart & Abe Silberberg (Dry Goods Store), E. Kaufman (tailoring), Chris Paul (Undertaker), Rialto Restaurant, Frederic Biri (Meat)

Page 78

The H. G. Rush Barrel Works

Page 79

W. P. Lucas (Insurance), W. M. Deyoe (South Side Greenhouses), Griffith & Bros. (Drug Store)

Page 80

William Dwyer (Hotel Man)

Page 81

C. H. Mattern (Grocery), W. J. Dewoody (Grocery), Peter Bradley (Furniture)

Page 82

J. T. Frantz (Tailor), John T. Rider (Grocery), Condrin & Simon (General repair Shop), Chappell Bros. (Tank Builders)

Page 83

Thomas Gent (Restaurant), John Ulander (Tonsorial artist (barbering services)), Cornelius Tyson (Stationer)

Page 84

James Booker (Tin & Sheet Iron Works), M. Braunschweiger (Clothing Store)

Page 85

Charles Settle (Meat Market),Joseph Levi (Boot & Shoe Store)

Page 86

Max Jacobs (Clothing), John T. Parsons (Carriage Manufacturing), J. H. Ravey (Boiler Shop)

Page 87

L. B. Chappell (Photography), Venango Manufacturing Co. (Spokes, hubs and handles), J. M. Carson (Hardware)

Page 88

J. W. Kerr & Son (Marble Works), Pianos & Organs

Page 89

Hugh Shields (Hotel & Restaurant), Frank Daniel McCue (Plumer & Steam Fitter), William P. Fornof (Meat butcher), John Linch (Military)

Page 90

The Lamberton Bank

Page 91

Fred N. Chambers (Hardware Store)

Page 92

Commercial Hotel, The City Hotel, The McCuen Company (Tailoring), Thomas Edward Keating (Grocery)

Page 93

Oil City Business College, James Suthern (Boots and Shoes)

Page 94

The Windsor (Hotel), W. J. Bulger (Photography)

Page 95

W. H. Corrin (Electrical Engineer), George W. Foster (Laundry), Fornof Bros. (Butchers)

Page 96

Enterprise Milling Company

Page 97

The Arlington Hotel, Joseph Samuel Couch (Oil Broker), Harry Holland Culbertson (City Controller)

Page 98

Oil City Trust Company men

Page 99

Oil City Trust Company, J. M. Martin (Furniture Dealer), George Ross Jr. (Western Union)

Page 100

The Oil City Beef Company

Page 101

Samuel H. Lamberton (Banker), John M. Whitfield (Plumbing), Prof. E. F. Moore (Musical Director)

Page 102

Officials of the Oil City Tube Company

Page 103

Calswell & Borland (Construction supplies), John Francis Moran (Oil)

Page 104

Joseph Manning (Oil), George S. Oberly (Bookeeper)

Page 105

Frank W. Bowen (Newspaper business), Henry G. McKnight (Blizzard printing)