These are Divided Back Era postcards – Produced from 1907 through 1914

Divided Back Era
March 1, 1907 – 1915 ~ The Golden Age


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Oil City High School - 1907.

When these postcards were produced, you were not allowed to write on the back side, so printers sometimes left a blank space on the bottom of the card's front.

Oil Creek, Oil City - 1907.

Birds Eye View of Oil City. See Oil City High School on the left center of the picture. - 1907.

The Wye railroad bridge can be seen in the distance.

A view of Oil City South Side in 1908.

Center Street, Oil City - Postmarked 1909.

National Transit Shops, Oil City - 1909.

Industrial Parade, Oil City - 1909.

Reno Oil Refinery - 1910.

Oil City Rail Road Tunnel, Oil City - 1910.

West First Street - 1910.

West Third Street, Oil City - 1910.

Union Station, Oil City - abt.1907 - 1915.

Allegheny River Near Oil City - 1912.

Central Ave., Oil City - 1912.

Notice the street car at the foot of the hill.

Bissell Avenue, Oil City - 1913.